Report Writing and Programming in Express Maintenance Part 1

Report Writing / Programming in Express Maintenance Part 1

I have found calculations and accessing variables not intuitive in the RAP environment so these are my notes to help eliminate some pain between tasks.

Basics: SQL = "Structured Query Langauge" Variable = "A container to hold a specific value, this could be an integer, string, etc.."

Start with the end in mind


  • Add your local variables these will be containers for values, see image above

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 8.39.11 AM.png

  • Declare your global variables where values will come from another source


  • Map your global variable to your local variables

Summarty from Global.PNG

  • Sub reports will have logic and calculations then will get assigned to your global variables

IfThen at detail level.PNG Summary update and globals update.PNG

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